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Australian Metal Scrap Consultants is a proud member of Jaz International  established in 2002.We are registered Australian Company based in Melbourne, Australia engaged in the scrap metal recycling business In Australia. We currently focused on trading/selling scrap metals HMS 1,2, used rails, Copper scrap, Aluminum scrap etc  to any country in the world. .

Our current trading market: North America, South America, Europe, South East Asia (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan)

We sell/trade Ferrous and non-ferrous metal, handle various types of Industrial and commercial scraps With the knowledge  and experience gained over the years, we are now leading Australian Trading Company of Scrap metal directly to the end users such as foundries, mills and smelters in Australia and in Europe, Asia, USA/Canada.

We have our in house marketing department serving local customers and abroad. Our dedicated staff in Operations/Logistic team, Documentation/Processing Group are working very closely with all our customers and suppliers with less time involve and less time delays.

For several years in the industry we continue to build our commitment and credibility to our customers with full support from our honest, hard working employees, suppliers, local/International  banks, Business partners, agents and end buyers.

We organize to deliver worldwide such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Taiwan, USA, Europe, Canada



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